hi there. i’m making a clean cut with all my social network sites. but i do have a special bond with tumblr and all. so i’m leaving this blog the way it is and i won’t delete it. i will probably never log on anymore because i feel like i am really too addicted to the internet and it’s messing me up. the internet isn’t a very nice place for me anymore and i just get hurt by ppl who i thought i could trust a lot. i feel sorry towards everybody whom i met on this website or on twitter and who made me have a fun time. i won’T forget the years i spent with you guys. it’s been great for a while but now i need to grow up and grow into the person i finally want to be. i hope you all understand it. you probably will hate me and think i don’t care about you all anymore. it’s just…. i’ve been thinking about doing this forever and yeah….i need to do this for myself or i will never grow into the person i want to be. there’s so many things for me to do and people to meet and yeah…i just need to live my life in the real world. i am really sorry. i can’t believe that i got this many followers tbqh. i never thought this was a quality blog. but i know some of you enjoyed my edits when i still used to do them and yeah.. tumblr was a fun way to grow up tbh. but now i’m turning 20 soon and i still don’t know who i am and what i wanna be. i have literally no outlook on life and i can’T stand seeing myself like this any longer. i know this is a drastic measure. but i have been getting so much hate i don’t really feel all that loved tbqh. well anyways… i will forever continue loving infinite.

and mostly woohyun. he’s my fluffball..y’know? he has helped me a lot even tho he will never know. but now it’s time to let go of my childish fantasies. i want to be a great human being. and i feel like infinite would be proud of me for finally taking my life into my own hands. yeah idk….

this is goodbye my friends. :) please do unfollow and all. you can also write me and stuff but i am most likely not going to read it so yeah…. also there are still some urls that i have that i am going to let go off so somebody can use them

they are: 




















13/50 → SECRET

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Jeon Jeongguk, the Sassy Mailboy.

Sakura Week - Day 4: Survival 

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BTD Inst Ver.

hi there did anybody maybe download the toheart behind the scenes video of them on after school club? they deleted it i think and i was wondering if anybody has it tbh

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"Even if we are split apart, let’s meet back here one day."

hi there

this is probably a stupid question to ask but does anybody know somebody who is willing to sell their woohyun one great step returns special poster if they have it??

i’d literally sell my soul for it.

i couldn’t get the poster set in seoul and i couldn’t order from any kpop stores while i was in korea and once i was back home literally everything was sold out

so i’m just


bubble bubble pop pop! ♪